Fryd Donuts Wholesale


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Fryd Donuts Wholesale

Fryd donuts wholesale or fryd extracts donuts master box was created for those looking to buy donuts carts in bulk. Either for business, retail, or personal consumption. Each master box contains 50 donuts carts of 5 different flavors with each flavor containing 10 carts in the box. Some effects of donuts extracts are very similar with each flavor choice with some being more intense than others.

How To Store Donuts Extracts Baller Box

Once you purchase your donut disposable in bulk, it is important you know how to properly store these boxes so you don’t loose your investment. Ensure you save your box in a cold dry place to ensure they remain in perfect condition.

Donuts extracts has 5 flavors and each flavor has it’s own unique taste and highness. Below is a list of flavors:

  • Apple Fritter Fryd Donuts
  • Strawberry Glaze Fryd Donuts
  • Grape Jelly Fryd Donuts
  • Fruity Pebbles Fryd Donuts
  • Blueberry Frosting Fryd Donuts

Where To Buy Fryd Extracts

To get donuts dispos master boxes in bulk and for affordable prices, it’s best you purchase directly from us the official Donuts Extracts.

There are a lot of fake vendors out there who claim to sell authentic donuts carts, most of them are fake and will only rip you off your money.


50 packs, 100 packs, 200 packs, 500 packs, 1000 units


Mix and Match, Apple Fritters Flavor, Strawberry Glaze Flavor, Fruity Pebbles Flavor, Grape Jelly Flavor, Blueberry Frosting Flavor, Keylime Pie Flavor, FunFetti Flavor, Peach Cobbler Flavor, Churro Flavor, Oops! All Berries Flavor


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